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🇨🇳 Beijing

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  1. St. Michael's Catholic Church
  2. Wangfujing Station
  3. Marni
  4. Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China
  5. Bank of China
  6. 芝麻花餐厅(祁家豁子街)
  7. Nike
  8. Nike
  9. 日本桥日本料理
  10. Aeropuerto Internacional de Pekín-Capital
  11. 太興永富茶餐廳 Wing Foo Restaurant
  12. Food Republic 大食代
  13. Hublot Boutique
  14. Nike
  15. 上海小南国 Shanghai Min
  16. Starbucks - 北京东方广场西店

Reviews from other cities

     Juanita's Bar&Coffee - The only expat bar intown

This is a small bar where you can meet the other foreigners. They make super good pizza and they've got a wide selection of imported beer. The playlist made by the customers is always on for good music. If you don't like it make your own!! Read more or comment